Reiki Courses – Lightarian™ Reiki Master, Karuna Ki & Usui Reiki Master Teacher

Usui Reiki Level I, II and III(Advanced) –  Karuna Ki Reiki – Lightarian™ Master Reiki, courses.
Course information

The Usui Reiki level I, II and 111 (advanced) course is a prerequisite for individuals who want to become a Reiki practioner, but can also be done solely for personal healing and self-development. This course is the start of an amazing  journey of self-discovery holistic healing ,spiritual awareness and growth.

No prior knowledge or experience is required, just a desire for personal and spiritual growth , healing and learning.

Soul Healing Reiki offers self-development , empowerment and holistic healing .

Reiki Level 1 Course overview

In Reiki level I, you receive your first attunement, enabling you to become a channel for Reiki energy. You are taught the Reiki hands positions for treating others as well as self healing positions. You embark on a self-healing journey, learn to do group healing, and learn the history and lineage of Reiki.

Content covered in Reiki level 1
  • Understanding Reiki
  • Usui Reiki Lineage & History
  • Levels of Usui Reiki
  • Reiki Healing Procedure
  • Auras
  • The Meaning of Aura Colours 
  • The Aura Sweep
  • Scanning the aura,
  • Chakras and their Functions
  • Channeling Reiki
  • Self–Healing Positions
  • Preparation Before Treatment

Reiki Level II course overview

You receive your Reiki level II attunement, a higher level attunement. Learn the three Reiki level II symbols, their meanings, procedures on how to use them and their various uses are taught.You also learn distant healing, and other powerful tools for healing.

Content covered in Reiki level II

  • Reiki II Symbols
  • Reiki Distant healing methods
  • History of Reiki
  • The Reiki Principles
  • The Effects of Reiki
  • The Healing process
  • Reiki hand positions
Reiki Level III (Advanced ) course overview

You receive your Reiki Level III attunement, which ehances your channeling and other spiritual abilities. The Advanced Reiki symbols are learnt. Advanced methods of aura cleansing , chakra balancing and psychic surgery are learnt, as well the hara dimension and self-empowerment processes.

Content covered in Reiki level III
  • Daikomyo – Master symbol
  • Psychic Surgery
  • The Hara dimension
  • Healing with Colour and the meaning of colour in the aura
  • Crystals and essential oils for the Chakras
  • Crystal cleansing/clearing
  • Crystal grids
  • Self-Awareness, Self-Love and Self Limitations


The Reiki course runs over 6 to 7 weeks ,depending on the group size and once a week for three hours.  Courses are held on weekdays and on a  Saturdays .

Cost for Reiki Level 1 ,11 and 111 as one course: R 4 500 

You can pay via an internet transfer. Included in the cost is the Reiki training material, a personalised certificate at the end of the Reiki I, II and III(Advanced) Reiki course. Once the course has started, the course fee is not refundable.

Location : The Reiki course is offered in Waterkloof , Pretoria

To book a place for the Reiki course, contact: Dian on mobile or  WhatsApp + 27 82 882 7131

Usui Reiki Masters Course Overview

The Master level is a Teachers degree.
You receive the Master attunement, aquire the knowledge and information on how to pass on all the Usui Reiki level attunements, and learn further advanced healing methods. You also learn the Master symbols. This is the highest  and most powerful level of the Usui Reiki healing  system.

We provide all the Usui Reiki Masters Course training material, and a personalised Usui Reiki Masters Course certificate at the end of the course.

Requirement: In order to register for the Usui Reiki Masters Course, you will have to first complete the Usui Reiki level I, II and  III ( Advanced) Reiki Course.

Usui Reiki Masters Course Content.
  • Being a Reiki Master
  • Lineage
  • Spiritual teaching of Reiki
  • The five objectives of the Reiki Rhoho
  • The Microcosmic Orbit
  • The Hara Line
  • Reiki Master symbols
  • The Reiki attunement levels
  • All the Reiki levels Attunement procedures

Duration: The Reiki Matsers course runs over 3 weeks, once a week  3 weekends on Saturdays for two to three hours depending on the group size.

Cost for Usui Reiki Master Course  : R 4 800 

Location: The Reiki course is offered in Waterkloof , Pretoria,                      to book a place for the Reiki course, contact Dian: on mobile or WhatsApp +27  82 882 7131

Karuna Ki Reiki Masters Course

The Karuna Ki Reiki Course includes; Karuna Ki Reiki I, II and Karuna Ki Reiki Masters.

Requirement: you can only register for the Karuna Ki Reiki Course if you have completed the Usui Reiki Masters Course.

Duration: 4 classes. Cost: R 3 500

Location: The Reiki Masters course is offered in Waterkloof, PretoriaTo book a place for the Reiki Masters course, contact: Dian on mobile or WhatsApp +27 82 882 7131

Lightarian™ Reiki Masters Course

Through the channelling process it was discovered that there are eight vibrational bands of Reiki energy.

Usui Level I, II and advanced vibrates at band I, Karuna Reiki band II and Lightarian™ Reiki vibrates at the six highest bands , three to eight.

Lightarian™ Reiki is powerfully assisted by Master Buddha, establishing a permanent connection through the attunement process.

Through the enhanced and expanded attunement connection with Ascended Master Buddha, you will also personally benefit in your own healing process by raising your own vibrational frequency and your connection to the spiritual world and celestial beings as you step through the six highest bands of Lightarian™ Reiki.

The Lightarian™ Reiki Masters course is a two-fold process, the discussion of each vibrational band and the attunement. These very powerful attunements are done once a month over a period of four months.

Once you have completed the course you will be registered with the International Lightarian Reiki™ Association.

Cost: R 5 000

For additional information and course dates please contact Dian on mobile or Whatsapp :+27 82 882 7131

Buddhic Boost Attunement

The Buddhic Boost is an attunement that lifts your vibration from band level I to II. The Buddhic Boost is a once off attunement. Once the attunement is complete, you might feel a series of physical detoxifications which differs from one person to the next. The Buddhic Boost Workshop consists of an introduction and discussion, followed by the  Buddhic Boost attunment.

Buddhic Boost information

The Buddhic Boost is an attunement that lifts our vibration from band level 1 to level II.

It is the bridge from Usui Reiki to Lightarain Reiki and it can only be done once Usui Masters is completed. The Buddhic Boost can be done instead of Karuna Masters (band level 2). The advantage of doing Karuna Reiki is that you learn the symbols and become a Karuna Master.

The Boost is done with a commitment to follow through with Lightarain Reiki, it facilitates access to bands 3 to 8, which is the highest vibrational band in Reiki.

After receiving the Buddhic Boost attunement, you will experience deeper levels of physical and mental healing. The vibrational level of your chakras and subtle bodies will be raised. You will experience a deeper level of inner peace and spiritual well being, seeing the world in a whole new light.

Once you have received the Buddhic Boost, you are energetically prepared and obligated to receive the Lightarian Reiki attunements.


The Buddhic Boost Attunement lasts one to two hours.

 Cost: R 800

  • You can pay via internet transfer


The Buddhic Boost Workshop course is offered in  Waterkloof , Pretoria.
To book for the Buddhic Boost Workshop, or get more information about the course, contact Dian :on mobile phone or WhatsApp +27 82 882 7131